Who knew that this was in me. Although my mother said that I could not talk,walk or even have a proper (ha) sitting position without cushion help, but whenever there was commercial break on TV I just froze and watched them without blinking . I guess it was meant to be.

As you could see from watching my works on main page, I mostly work in After Effects, 3ds Max, and lately Cinema 4D. In my years of experience I have worked within team or all by myself. My major role in team work is animation. I just like to move stuff. And when I work by myself, I’m doing everything, well it’s logical – by myself.
I think I’m easy to work with either as a part of the team or as a one man solution, and mostly nothing can get me out of tracks once I start working on project. I feel that apart from making products visually appealing to client, and finding solutions to implement every clients wish, is to deliver within agreed deadline.

Works that I done completely by myself are my After Effect templates.

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