Triangles and Prisms

Although I’m complete newbie in drawing. Cant draw nothing at all. I found out that this (for now) relaxes me. Drawing lines, circles, or triangles and prisms as mr. Shoo tells us to do in his course, calms me down. Gives my hands something to do (other than eat sweets and chocolate).

So drawing lots of straight lines in this course and figuring out where is center of that line in order to hit that second edge of triangle. What I found out that it’s easier for me to connect already drawn triangles than to create new one. The most difficult thing here is to make other triangle in prism exactly the same as first one. Both in size and angles. My guess is that learning how to draw parallel lines and learn how to draw those lines in same length was real task in this opening lesson(s).

By drawing triangles and then creating prisms out of them in numerous ways I found out that most easier for me to do it is to first draw upper triangle and then lower. No matter which one is “closer” to viewer. That way while drawing the bottom one after top one I’m seeing reference and it’s easier for me to match the scale and angle.

One thing.  Because when I work at my computer I have my chair lowered as much as possible in order for me to release as much pressure on spine while slightly leaning backwards. Just a position I got used to. Here I had to rise the chair for drawing. When I started, I left the chair in same low position and found out that I’m having using much energy to keep elbow above the table. After hour or two of drawing in that position I really started to feel the the muscles in my right shoulder. Once I’ve risen the chair I instantly got much better.

From mr. Shoo Rayner’s Beginner course:


  • Rise the chair in order to have elbow above drawing table.

Most challenging:

  • To draw perfect parallel lines when trying to draw second triangle of prism.
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