Will I learn to draw?

As I continue to travel through my Motion Graphic journey I find out that adding drawing/sketching will greatly improve my overall skill. It will give me opportunity to know what things should look like at the end and make me a better motion designer. So I said to myself: “Give it a shot. Try to learn it.”

After searching through vastness of internet and looked through all sort of beginner learning courses or tutorial sites, this gentleman’s learning curve seemed to be most interesting and most appropriate for my complete lack of drawing knowledge. I got feeling that he intended to reach young-lings and I sometimes perceive myself right about there as I’m feeling much much younger than I really am :). That’s positive right?

Here is link to mr. Shoo Rayner’s web site and his Beginner course on his youtube channel. So Marko, let’s dive to another journey. #fingerscrossed

p.s. welcome to my life mr. Shoo Rayner

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